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Mar 18, 2013 9:00pm EDT
speeches. john -- thomas jefferson gave two. peach -- people never saw the president or heard the president. is not a public perception. it is a good question. but it is a different time. >> the white house was burned by the priggish -- the british and the matteson's had to leave while it was being constructed. the munros moved back in. how important was this symbolically? >> even by then, the white house had become america's house. itsof the reasons why occupants have been targeted often for criticism, much of it is fair, it is because it our house. would be criticized for an alleged obsession for fashion. -- she paido $1,500 up to $1,500. she painted her face, applying ruche. , itilly as it sounds now takes us back almost to a debate at the very beginning about what kind of nation this would be. >> it really reflects to this monroe administration, we will show you this clip next. clip] >> if i could go back to one time in the white house, i would probably go back to the monroe period. the united states began to come to life. monroe thought the era of good feeling would last fore
Mar 23, 2013 7:00pm EDT
years, there was people that suspected john quincy adams wrote it. elizabeth didn't write it. just about everybody else got credit for it. it's interesting. there is one point where he refers to her as his partner in all things. one senses, although, there is an unfortunate lack of documentation that that would include sharing his political secrets with her. i don't think of her, certainly in the modern sense as a political figure. she was certainly aware of what e was doing. we only have one letter that she wrote, but there are etters of her handwriting that she copied for him to either make copies to send to others or to keep. she was certainly aware of what was happening. they were together for so long and they were so close that it's inconceivable that they did not discuss public matters. she was certainly very much well aware of what was happening. >> and having lived through the french revolution, the reign of terror, she certainly would have had strong opinions about the approach to europe, you would imagine. >> yes. >> rachel from pensacola. >> hi, yes, i was wondering, bac
Mar 25, 2013 9:00pm EDT
, they said john quincy adams was a pimp. it was based on a little thing, but it had nothing to do with sexual activity. they said a lot of bad things about items. and also about his wife. she was, they believed, a foreigner. washad american parents and legally an american, but they saw her as a bad influence. >> she was not happy in the white house see there. washington was a little town. >> scandal, intrigue, and it was not just in 1828. what became known as an affair. it framed much of the jackson presidency. was the daughter of a washington, d.c., hotel keeper. many politicians stayed in his hotel and the family got to know them well. she was beautiful, well- educated, she liked to perform. she appeared in public, which god forbid a lady should do. quite not >> she was beautiful, vivacious, and she did not know her place. she interfered and went into situations that were part of the men trauma. this is a period where -- men's realm. to guard's sphere is the households and the morals of society. the men go out and fight in this new capitalist world. margaret, that is what sh
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3